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Prowlers & Growlers Boxed Set Author Spotlight: Fallen In Sin by @MarissaFarrar #99cent #shifters #pnrromance @wolfpackreads

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When The Snow Flies by Gina Kincade & Kiki Howell
USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Authors

Dark Verité by Muffy Wilson
USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Author

The Jaguar's Consort by Aliyah Burke
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Hades Playground by Isis Pierce
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Under The Crescent Moon by Amy Lee Burgess
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The Demon The Witch and The Firebird by Phoenix Johnson
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Changes by Angelica Dawson
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Arcane by Erzabet Bishop
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Chicks Dig Scars by Kathleen Grieve
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Swelter by K.C. Stewart
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Dark Melody by Megan J Parker
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Starbright by Ashlynn Monroe
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Sorrows Beginning by S. E. Babin
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Shadows Mark by Nicole Morgan
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Mated by Kallysten
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Fallen In Sin by Marissa Farrar
International Bestselling Author

Lion by Her Side by Ever Coming
International Bestselling Author

Immortal Alchemy by Savannah Verte
International Bestselling and Award Winning Author

Stolen Magic by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
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Call Of The Beast by Erica Reeder
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Shifting Scales by Decadent Kane
International Bestselling Author

Fallen In Sin by Marissa Farrar
International Bestselling Author
A fallen angel is offered the chance at regaining his wings, just as long as he can corrupt a curvy mortal woman.

Fallen In Sin
Marissa Farrar
International Bestselling Author

After trying her best to live a life free from sin, curvy Eva plans for the next man she lets into her bed to be the one she spends the rest of her life with.

Offered the chance of regaining his wings, fallen angel Ruax is on a mission from the Devil. All he has to do is corrupt Eva enough for her soul to belong to the Dark Lord. What he doesn’t expect is to fall for the mortal girl. Will he complete his mission or will he let his feelings get in the way?

Ruax thought he was going to sleep, his feet hung over the end of the too-small-couch, but when he opened his eyes again he discovered himself back in Hell, standing in front of Satan in a world made of flames.
“So,” Satan said, reclining in his throne of bones. “How’s it going up there?”
Instantly, he was guarded. “Fine. It’s going fine.”
Lucifer threw back his head and laughed. “Fine? Do you think I don’t see what’s going on up there?”
“I’m making progress,” he snapped back.
“You only have three days. One of them is already gone, so now you’re down to two. You think licking a little pussy is going to corrupt her soul? You need to own her. Possess her. You’re going to need to fill her, every single part.”
“Having you watching in doesn’t exactly help.”
“Oh, you’re a big boy, Ruax. You know how all this works. They’re all being watched on Earth, whether it’s from down here, or up there. You’re mortal now, at least for the moment, so you get monitored just like the rest of them.”
Ruax scowled. “I don’t have much choice then, do I?”
“I’m glad to hear it.”
“You could give me some pointers, you know. Something about her that will help me get under her skin. You obviously know who she is and she’s important to you, or you wouldn’t be bothering with all of this.”
Lucifer smiled, but the action was terrifying. “Well, that would just spoil all my fun. I want to see you work for it, Ruax. Show me how much you want those wings back and you’ll be free of me for good.” He gave a little chuckle. “Or for as long as you can go without pissing His Almighty off again and getting your sorry ass sent back down here.”
“That was a misunderstanding,” Ruax mumbled.
“Yeah, yeah. That’s what they all say. Now go and get back to work.”
Satan lifted a hand and drew it across Ruax in a horizontal line. A wall of flames rushed up around him, though he felt no heat. The brightness of the light blinded him, and he squeezed his eyes shut against the force.
When he opened them again, Hell had vanished. 

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
Hi! Thanks for having me. I’ve been a writer since I was a child, but I’ve been writing professionally for the past seven years. Writing has always been something I’ve done, but it wasn’t until I finished my degree in Zoology that I decided it was something I wanted to pursue as a profession. It took me another six years after making that decision to finally get published.

How did you come up with this storyline?
I’ve wanted to write a fallen angel story for a while now, and I love writing about curvy women, as I am one myself! When the opportunity arose to write a story for the Prowlers and Growlers boxed set, I decided now was the time to get those writer muscles flexing and write about my fallen angel and the curvy girl he has to corrupt. 
What are the best and the worst aspects of writing?
The best aspects are getting to live so many lives through the characters of the books I write. I love to write, and I’m kind of obsessive about it – I write a new novel every other month! The worst aspects are the self-doubt – worrying that my work won’t live up to expectations.

What inspires you to write?
Everything! Other books I read, televisions shows, movies, dreams I have, overheard conversations in the street. I’m constantly inspired.

How did you conduct your research for Fallen in Sin?
In the same way most writers conduct their research – through Google! My character Ruax is an actual fallen angel from mythology – he’s the fallen angel of headaches! I also set my novel in New York, so I needed to research some of the locations.

What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Fallen in Sin?
  ‘How delicate, how fragile, these mortals were…’
‘And he wanted to see her eat. Wanted to watch her part that pretty mouth and put things inside it.’
‘With his fingers on her skin, Ruax forgot about the other couples sitting around them, and the waiting staff bringing their meals and topping up their wine. The only thing that existed was her.’

What would your friends say is your best quality?
Probably my directness. You always know where you are with me.

Are reader reviews important to you.Why?
Yes, of course. Reviews can sell books, but also an author can learn a lot from readers’ reviews – what works and what doesn’t work. I always appreciate the time a reader takes to write a review on one of my books.

What do you do when you don’t write? Like in “Real Life”
I have three girls, ages 3, 6 and 9, so they take up the rest of my time. I’m lucky that writing is my full time job so I don’t have to have a ‘real life’ one.

Tell us about your other books?
I have over twenty-five novels published of various genres. I mainly write romance – paranormal, of course, but also romantic suspense, dark romance, and contemporary romance. I also have a brand new urban fantasy series called The Mind Movers coming out later this year.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
That I’ll always work to write the best story possible, and that I love to hear from readers, so if you’ve enjoyed my stories, please get in touch.

Thanks so much for interviewing me!

Marissa Farrar has always been in love with being in love. But since she's been married for numerous years and has three young daughters, she's conducted her love affairs with multiple gorgeous men of the fictional persuasion.
The author of more than twenty five novels, she has been a full time author for the last six years. She predominantly writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but has branched into contemporary fiction as well.

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