Tuesday 11 June 2013

A Voyeuristic Lover - Gemma Parkes @gemmapar #Release #erotica

Gemma Parkes has a release due out tomorrow. Here she is to tell us all about it.

Hi Angelica, Thank you for having me over today, it’s always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog! I have dropped by today to tell your readers about my latest release:

Due to be released on June 13th ‘A Voyeuristic Lover’ is a Naughty Nights Press exclusive Hotshot. (Also available on All Romance EBooks)

Multi partner sex is something we all like to fantasise about occasionally. For erotic authors it’s great to involve lots of characters in a sexual situation. However sordid the reality of that would be the fantasy is always worth writing about.

'A Voyeuristic Lover' tells the story of a woman controlled by her own desires and those of her lover. Written in the first person we experience first hand exactly what drives this beautiful young woman to play his games. Paul makes demands that she does not shy away from. Thrilled by his eyes upon her as she provides unsuspecting, willing men with a sexual outlet for their desire our heroine gets her kicks by giving men theirs. This story is full of raw sexuality, deep set animalistic urges and tense desire witnessed through the thoughts and feelings of our beautiful heroine. She teases, she pleases, she brings them to their knees and she falls to hers, a wanton, eager participant in Paul's dark world.

Who would want to know more? Here's an excerpt!

I played him the way Paul liked me to. We chatted, we laughed, we drank some more. I caught Paul’s eyes and knew that the time was right. Leaning in towards my prey, l whispered softly into his ear. He moved quickly, hotly, beads of sweat already visible on his forehead. He followed me outside.

Discreetly, and at a distance, Paul followed too.

We went down a small alleyway at the side of the bar, it was dark and deserted. I leant against the wall and fixed my suitor with a sultry stare. That was all it took. He lunged at me, his hands gripping my ass and sliding my dress up high. He groaned his desire through his eager kisses as he found my nakedness. I caught a glimpse of Paul in the shadows. It turned me on to see his face watching this young man’s desperation.

Gemma Parkes is a freelance writer from the UK who specializes mainly in Erotic fiction. Her writing covers a variety of sexual genres as she likes to write as the mood takes her. Gemma enjoys the company of funny, intelligent people who love life as much as she does.
Her previous publication credits include:
Train Whore– Cleis Press
Access all Areas –Ravenous Romance
Patrick’s Pendent –Yellow Silk Dreams
A Voyeuristic lover- Naughty Nights Press
And many more.

Gemma also has a variety of self published work including: ‘Pleasing Mia’, ‘Park ‘n Ride’ and ‘A Wicked Game’
You can find Gemma Parkes on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.