Monday, 10 June 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Giddyup

Jocelyn took two more large bites and knocked the tray aside, nearly attacking the woman in bed with her.

“Whoa, girl.” Lynn chuckled, catching Jocelyn's wrists in her hands. Jocelyn tried to pull free, but Lynn was stronger than her slender frame suggested. Jocelyn wasn't big, but bigger than Lynn.

Jocelyn relaxed, but Lynn didn't let go, pushing until Jocelyn lay back against the pillows. Then she held each of Jocelyn's hands down with her shins and positioned herself over Jocelyn's mouth.

“Gid up,” Jocelyn murmured, tipping her chin and stretching to kiss the lips before her. Lynn spread her thighs wider and squatted down over Jocelyn's face. Jocelyn was glad to ease the strain on her neck and put her tongue into her efforts, licking first the button of flesh at the top and then sinking into the canal below. “Mmm.”

“You really do prefer my taste,” Lynn whispered, her breath coming more quickly. “And you are good at that.” Her fingers slid into Jocelyn's hair, twisting it and pulling.

Jocelyn moaned a little and pulled her own knees up, sliding a finger along her slit. She imagined her finger was another tongue, licking, flicking.

Lynn's finger replaced hers, one hand releasing blond locks. “Yes, you are doing so good.”

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