Tuesday 4 June 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - In the Tub

Picture by LesMedia
“I won't stay long,” Sophia warned. She doffed the robe she wore and slipped into the tub, placing herself in Jocelyn's lap.

Jocelyn ran her fingers down Sophia's cheek. “May I ask, Madam?”

Sophia chuckled. “I prefer Mistress. Madam makes me feel old.”

Jocelyn laughed. “You do not look old, Mistress.”

“Well, that's good.”

“What makes your eyes so brilliant? Lynn said I wouldn't believe it, but I keep wondering.”

Sophia didn't answer. She ran her hand along Jocelyn's leg, pulling it over her own and stroking it. “It is a condition. It isn't spreading, though. You would have to...ingest us for it to happen to you.”

At the mention of ingesting, Jocelyn kissed Sophia's neck, nibbling on it.

Sophia laughed. “A little more than that.”

“But not here.” Jocelyn took her time, running her fingers along the crease of Sophia's thigh and up the inside before curling her fingers to tease the other woman's labia. “I ingested plenty from there.”

Sophia hummed, sinking lower in the bath and sending a small wave cresting over the side. She sat up. “Bother. That's very bad for the floor, the reason we don't fill the tub very full.”

Jocelyn stayed in place, frowning.

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