Wednesday 5 June 2013

#ThursdayThrills - The Show

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Candy surveyed the room, hopefully the buyer she wanted was out there. Most of the men and women surveying the floor would never hope to afford this machine, but all of them looked, all of them wanted. That want fed Candy. She felt the warmth of all those gazes on her skin. They weren't only looking at the car, they were looking at her.
Running a hand over the smooth paint, she passed to the front of the vehicle, then reached over the hood, seeming to wipe off a speck of dust. In reality, she was just giving everyone another reason to look at her and the car.
Her blood raced, drinking in all the desire surrounding her. Even when not directed to her, she could feel it, savour it. The couple looking at the Prius across the way. They could afford that, they wanted it, and that want fed her.

She was a vampire of sorts. She didn't drink blood, obviously, but she was nourished by more than food.
"Hello," a masculine voice said. "That's one fine automobile."
Candy had started to straighten before he approached and now turned to rest the edge of her ass on the car.
"Isn't it?" she asked, tossing her hair and pushing her shoulders back. As expected his line of sight fell straight into the dark crease between her breasts. "Shame you can't take it for a drive. You're welcome to come to the dealership after the show. We have another there."
"Would you be there?" he asked, his interest in more than the car.
She basked in his admiration, his lust. Her hand took hold of his tie and pulled it from behind his buttoned jacket. "After the show, yes." She sighed, making her breasts heave. He was kind enough to notice. "I'm afraid I'm stuck here for another four hours." She put more weight on the car and lifted a foot from her high heeled shoe, rubbing the toes. "My feet are killing me."
His eyes left her breasts to look at the leg she offered, following the skin up under her skirt. He might even catch a glimpse of her purple panties. She stretched her leg out, resting it on his thigh for just a second before swinging it back down. Or she would have swung it, if he hand taken hold of it and started rubbing her toes.
"Maybe you can sit with me inside. Take your weight off your feet." His hands drew lazy circles and she moved her foot slowly, brushing the bulge in his pants.
"That sounds like a fine idea. You can get a sense of what it's like to be behind this wheel." As she'd expected, he read more into the offer and his yearning grew, feeding her. She wished she could make this dance last forever, but eventually the mark needed fulfillment in one form or another. She'd found if she left them with no satisfaction, they didn't return. However, a very small release provided an excellent sense of pent up desire while encouraging them to come back for more.
She circled the red car and opened the passenger door slipping in beside the wealthy business man. "I'm Candy," she said, offering her hand.
"John," he answered, shaking it in a firm grip. She frowned a little at the lukewarm gesture. He lifted her hand to his mouth and her smile returned. His hands held the wheel and she put her hand to this thigh.
"Doesn't she feel powerful, even when she's not running?" Candy asked, stroking up.
"Yes," John murmured in agreement. "A very attractive proposition."
"Proposition?" she asked, raising an eyebrow."
"Um, purchasing the car, of course."
"Of course," she agreed, her hand moving over his lap, eventually taking hold of the zipper in his fly.
His hand moved to her lap as well. Bringing it up, she held her breath. He'd find her soon. He gasped and turned to stare at her with wide eyes. "You have a-"
"A cock, yes. And this car turns me on as much as it does you."

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