Wednesday 26 June 2013

Naughty Nights is 2! #bloghop #anniversary #erotica

What would you say if your two year old started putting out lines like this:
"His hands never left me, probing and squeezing" -- Tessa Wanton, Tickles Pink
Or how about:
"The overweight man was shackled to the 'X' cross, his back and legs marked with red and purple welts." --Cassandre Dayne, Bad Things - Hunger.

I think that two-year old need a serious spanking, don't you? And then maybe her mouth washed out with soap, you dirty little girl.

But Naughty Nights isn't a toddler. She's fully grown with all the enticing bits filled in. She's not shy, she doesn't pull her punches, and you know you want to celebrate by visiting and getting to know her better. In an effort to help you with that, I'm giving away a gift certificate for Naughty Nights so you can buy anything there that catches your fancy. I'm sure you'll find more than one thing.

And here's something from Blue Moon House which isn't even one yet. How is she talking?! Yeah, the only baby this is, is mine. My baby who is spawning a whole series of children, I mean prequels. Take a peek into Blue Moon House, leave a comment about your favourite sub-genre of erotica (Mine would have to be BDSM) and enter to win both my little GC for $10 and the grand prizes from Naughty Nights.

Julia’s eyes widened. The center of the room was filled with a massive bed. It couldn’t be a single mattress; it must have been several held together by the bedding. As Julia approached, mouth agape, she saw the sheet went all the way around, fitted to this special piece.


“How else can you fit seven on a bed?” Lynn asked, starting to pull off her clothes. Julia turned to see the men doing the same.

Jocelyn bounced on the mattress once before rushing up and kissing Julia. Then she pulled the human back to the bed with her. “Come, at least try it out. I know we can’t really enjoy any
thing tonight,” she muttered something very quickly under her breath, and Julia thought she heard ‘raping men.’ “But you can relax for a while.”

Julia highly doubted she could as she watched Harry pull Lynn atop himself, nibbling on her neck. Her throat tightened a little. “Another test?” she whispered to Jocelyn.

“Oh?” she turned to look. “I suppose. That wasn’t the intention.” Just then Nicholas came behind Julia and ran his tongue up her neck.

“A tiny taste?” he asked, turning her legs to jelly.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Harry called from the bed. “You have to share and she doesn’t have enough for all of us.”

Julia’s heart fluttered and she wished that she did. She wished she could stay the night. Couldn’t she? They could move her to her bed downstairs when she fell asleep. “Will someone wake me at five so I have time to change?” She began reaching behind her to undo her dress, but Nicholas was already there, growling against her skin as he revealed it, kissing his way down her back. “I’m sure I can have some fun.”

There were no masters here, no submissives. They assured Julia that the play could go that way whenever someone desired it, but tonight was all about mutual pleasure. Nicholas repeated his previous attentions while her hands were free to fondle him. He found he preferred it that way. He also stole a nip when the others were involved in each other. “Don’t tell,” he whispered. “I just won’t get enough of you if you do plan to change so soon. Wait for me?” he asked, his breath moving in her ear, making her hair stand on end.

“Oh, you might convince me,” she murmured, turning to kiss him.

While she was in Nicholas’ arms, she felt a tingling in her butt.

“What?” She turned to see Jocelyn licking her, the saliva tingling on her abraded skin.

“Too painful?” she asked, green eyes wide.

Julia smiled. “No.”

“Good. You haven’t reapplied that awful ointment. Really, Harry, could you have found more foul tasting stuff?” Julia giggled at the cool tongue teasing her. Nicholas chuckled too, and then gasped as she took hold of him again.

“Slide up,” Julia told him, lowering her mouth.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered, but only shifted around snagging one of Lynn’s arms and pulling her slightly from Harry to kiss.

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