Monday, 17 June 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Fun in the Tub

We Heart It
“A bath. I think I might like one of those.” The man pulled the string holding his pants up and they fell to his ankles. Now he had Jocelyn's attention again. “You will join me?” His tone made it seem a request, but his eyes were expectant. She would obey.

“Happily, sir.”

His lips pursed. “Sir. I like it.” Apparently Master and Mistress were the common modes of address. Jocelyn, who couldn't remember when she'd worn her robe last, slid into the tub atop the man whose name she didn't know.

There was something alluring about that, sex with a stranger. She splayed her legs so his shaft came between her lower lips and she could tease the head of him.

He shifted lower in the water, opening a little space between their genitalia. He took himself in his hand and began rubbing her with his cock.

So many new things! No man had done this before. They were all quick to have themselves covered either by a mouth or a pussy.

“Yes, yes, sir.” She wondered if she should be silent, but she couldn't be. “Saints alive. Goddamn. That feels so good.” She gave voice to all her pleasure.

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