Monday 24 June 2013

#tantalizingtuesday - Safe Words

We Heart It
His free hand came between them and rubbed the crack between her cheeks. As always, when someone touched her there, she immediately stiffened. Her reaction didn't affect the man beneath her who didn't pause in using his cock as a giant finger. She couldn't stay hesitant long.

She stiffened again when the finger dipped into her anus. It didn't burn this time, didn't snag at all. It was still too much for her. “Buckles,” she said, pushing herself up.

The man held her bottom, helping her rise. “Let me get you a new towel.” He took one of the ones from the floor and wrapped it around his waist, shaking out his hair. Jocelyn pushed her own out of her face, the blonde locks curling. “Thank you,” she said, surprised.

He was back quicker than Sophia, though he held only one towel. He wrapped it around her shoulders and rubbed her dry. “You are all right?” he asked, concern in his jewel-like blue eyes. Her took hold of the clasp of the chain around her neck, releasing it.

“I-Yes. Fine. It didn't hurt.”

His smile was small. “But it was bad.”

She nodded. “Not terrible. I didn't really mean to stop.”

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