Sunday 16 June 2013

Authors To Watch - @TriciaDrammeh

Today I'd like to welcome a lady with a list. It's a list everyone should watch and want to be on. Authors To Watch. What more do I say? Tricia, you have authors from a variety of genres on your Authors to Watch list. Where do you find them all?

I started by interviewing friends I'd met on, but now the authors find me. Some find me through the Authors to Watch Facebook page. Some are referred by other authors. It's lots of fun meeting new authors. I've found tons of great books too.

Are there any genres you are looking for authors to include?

Any genre is great! I have authors from Young Adult to Erotica. I'd like to see more science fiction and historical romance authors.

Check, I know some SciFi/Fantasy authors...What gave you the idea of this listing? Has it been difficult to establish?

Authors to Watch used to be an offshoot of my personal website. In the beginning, I tried to interview one author per week. Now, I interview authors or review books at least five times a week and also offer author profile pages. In less than a year-and-a-half, it's really taken on a life of its own.

Wow, so it has! Where do your readers come from? Are they as varied as your authors?

My readers come from everywhere, all over the world. I participate in blog tours, so I'm picking up new readers all the time.

Blogtours and bloghops are a great way to connect with new readers. How do you network with authors and readers? What is your preferred platform?

I utilize Facebook and Twitter. For the Authors to Watch Facebook page, a lovely author named Brenda Perlin helps me admin. She's done a lot to find new followers. For the Authors to Watch Facebook promotional group, Greg Hart and Michel Prince help admin. Other authors have been very supportive. In addition to Authors to Watch, I help admin the website for New Adult Fiction Addiction. I also sometimes help Shah Fazli with his Spotlight live interviews on Facebook.

Are you still building your list? Do authors need to know anything before approaching you?

When authors approach me, it's helpful if they send a website link, but it's not necessary. Authors don't need to be published before approaching me. I'm happy to communicate with them about the best way to promote a newly released book. I've featured authors who have been published traditionally or by small presses. I have a special place in my heart for self-published authors because I know how hard it is to get attention for your book.

Amen! Are there any authors or genres you don't welcome on your list?

I've only rejected one person because it was proven they stole the book (almost word for word) from another author. In terms of interviews or book features, anyone is welcome (as long as the work is your own). I'm no longer accepting unsolicited book review requests, though. It got to be too overwhelming.

New cover by TrueNotDreams
Wow, that's audacious. I can understand getting buried under the requests too. You are an author as well. What have you written? Are your writings as varied as your list?

My first published book is The Claiming Words, the first in a series of fantasy novels for Young Adults. It was published through a small press and I'm currently trying to get my rights back so I can eventually self publish it. My second published book is The Fifth Circle, which explores two young adults struggling with abuse, mental illness, and obsession. Parts of the book are very dark and intense, so it's not intended for younger teens.

Most people don't know that I'm also a YA author. I'm with a small press, but haven't had any desire to self-publish. I just don't have the chops to do it all on my own. I'm happy to give a cut to have someone do all the technical stuff for me! Thank you so much for coming on my blog, Tricia. I hope everyone hurries over to add themselves to the Authors to Watch.

Tricia Drammeh is an editor, author, and the founder of Authors to Watch. Her published works include The Claiming Words and The Fifth Circle. When she isn't writing, Tricia can be found drinking vast amounts of coffee and devouring books. She is currently working on her seventh novel and currently lives in the St Louis area with her family.