Friday, 3 October 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - Pillow Fight

There was only one thing to do. Celeste swallowed hard. What would he want? What would he do? How would she fail? Her fingers tightened into balls at her sides. The door opened and he emerged, looking like he had just been in the garden, not preparing to accept her. Her heart sank and she lowered her eyes to prevent him seeing her sense of betrayal.
She was unprepared for his reply. Had he struck her with his hand, she wouldn’t have flinched. But a pillow?
“Lighten up!” he crowed.
She took a pillow of her own, lunging for him.

As always, there are many more 100 word pieces based on this picture on the blog.


  1. That is an intriguing take on this picture, Angelica. What did she do, I wonder? :-)

  2. This post was a game-change. Nice!

  3. This was very different, intriguing even take on this picture. Why was she afraid? A silent, dark web you have woven. Very twisted, I love it? xo

  4. Ah but how long till the truth is out. Great take on the pic

  5. Nice twist at the end. For a minute there I thought you were writing a dark interpretation of the pic. Intriguing...

  6. Very playful and great twist to the story. I wonder what her betrayal could been and her fear. Must write more! Great flash!


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