Friday, 12 December 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - Becoming

Flasher Fiction Friday. We have a very interesting picture this week. It definitely sparked something for me. Check out what everyone else saw by hopping over to the blog.

Sometime before dawn. Somewhere between heaven and earth. Someone between men and angels. Something new.

She hovered between planes, between realities. She was neither here nor there. How long could she balance here? When would a weight tip the scales? She stretched, feeling the edges of both, dipping her toes in each. Here she was a god, there a girl. Neither wanted her but neither would let her go. Suspended, she waited. One day she would fall or rise. One day she would become. The world would shake and the heavens burn when at last she stepped across the threshold. 


  1. Oh I loved your take on this picture, Angelica :-) She is very much in limbo, isn't she?

    1. Thank you. Like I said, I really got into this one.

  2. Pardon, my expression, I fucking love it! One of the best flashes I've ever read. LOL. Even better than mine.

  3. Oooooh chilling! Love it. Extremely powerful!

  4. Shivers and jaw drops mouthing oh wow! This was intense. I love your use of words and how you bring feelings/emotion together. Awesome Flash!


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