Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Surprise - Liquid Silver @lsb_lsbooks @kalynncooperbook @jessicacale @emmaweylin @thegoddessnaomi

Welcome to another Sunday and another publisher. Today I'm highlighting Liquid Silver Books and six of their most recent releases.

From Michelle Kelly we have Borgia Heat. An unexpected reunion has Giovanni leScala playing the game of his life for the woman he thought lost to him forever. Danger, intrigue, and passion. Set before 1600, this historical romance with extra spice is sure to keep you warm on the cold December nights.

Crimson Desire by Elisabeth Morgan Popolow is the second book in her Blood Rose series. Sang’s sadistic blood-mistress has developed an unhealthy obsession for Lily White. Kidnapped and hidden away in a castle full of dark, deadly secrets, their lives hang in the balance as Lily and Sang try to find a way to escape with their sanity intact. Be prepared for all sorts of pairings and menage as you make your way through this hot piece of fiction.

Emma Weylin has released the third installment of her Secret Blood series, Going Under. Kenzie Butler is in love with the man who saved her life eight years ago. Her problem? Tiberius is a Siberian were-tiger with the ability to scent his mate, and she wasn’t it. After Kenzie survives a mysterious were-bear attack in her place of work, Tiberius learns the scientists altered more than his state of mind. Just when he thought he could take Kenzie as his mate he discovers he could be the biggest threat to her life.

The next three releases are all the first in new series. Ruled by the Moon from Naomi Bellina is one I actually got to beta read in its early stages. I love getting a sneak peek on these great stories. Her Nocturne series introduces us to a psychic vet and a secretive werewolf. Both are drawn to Nocturne, a town filled with magic due to a strong convergence of ley lines in the area. Morgan and Dylan recognize a connection when they meet, but neither one is looking for romance. After a harrowing encounter with a panther shape-shifter, they must combine forces and work together to uncover a menace that threatens the town.

Tyburn is the first Southwark Saga book from Jessica Cale. Sally Green is about to die. She sees Death in the streets. She can taste it in her gin. She can feel it in the very walls of the ramshackle brothel where she is kept to satisfy the perversions of the wealthy. She had come to London as a runaway in search of her Cavalier father. Instead, she found Wrath, a sadistic nobleman determined to use her to fulfill a sinister ambition. As the last of her friends are murdered one by one, survival hinges on escape. This suspense and spice filled historical romance will take into the heart of Restoration London and hold you hostage until the end.

The last, and most seasonally appropriate, is the first In Cancun book from KaLyn Cooper. Christmas in Cancun features a sexy former SEAL and beautiful Mayan anthropologist on a treasure hunt. Busy building a new career with his catamaran company, former SEAL Jack Girard had all but forgotten about his grandfather’s quest to find the golden Mayan goddess statues until his brother’s beautiful widow, Jillian, and adorable daughter, Addison, arrive in Cancun with the research. This contemporary suspense adventure will have you sweating in the hot Mexican sun. Here is a taste of what you will find between the covers.

Jack watched the line bleed from customs as tired families pushed heavily-laden carts overfilled with suitcases and pulled staggering children through the opaque doors into the tiled lobby, the vacation excitement lost hours ago in cramped airplane seats miles above the ocean.
Melodic giggles preceded the sprinting toddler through the doors as a purple sundress and flying blonde darted around a well-traveled couple in their mid-fifties. The gentleman with graying temples and a grandfatherly smile reached out to the little rocket as she slipped inches past his grasp.
“Sorry, miss. I almost had her,” he apologized to the strawberry blonde that stepped from the customs area. She stretched her long legs to catch the laughing, three-foot-tall dervish.
“Thank you, sir, for trying.” She flashed the man a bright smile. The flash of white against full pink lips almost knocked Jack to his knees. Damn, she was pretty. More than pretty, she’s stunning.
The doors opened again, and Jack forced his gaze back to the exit as a few more stragglers pushed through. Complete families with husband, wife, and two kids drove their small herds toward the taxi and shuttle lines. Damn, where is she?
He watched the little purple sundress evade her mother’s reach and admired the way the jeans hugged her tightly toned butt when she bent to capture the child. A mental slideshow of all the things he’d like to do to that body in that position flowed past. Jack considered walking over and offering his card to her with a sizable discount. Hell, he’d make her today’s winner of a free catamaran ride just to see that body in a bikini.
Jack’s gaze swept the area once again. This time he wasn’t looking for potential danger. He was searching for the father of this beautiful baby, husband to the attractive woman. Plenty of men paid attention to them, but none acted as though they belonged with her. He checked out her left hand as she dashed by ten feet from where he leaned against a pillar. No gold ring encircled her finger, but there was a definite indentation where one had been. That could mean many things. Hope racketed up another notch.
“Addison Elizabeth Girard, you little Houdini.” The woman scooped up the giggling child in both arms and rolled the baby’s tummy to her lips for raspberries. Squeals of pure unadulterated joy echoed around the nearly empty atrium.
The sight warmed something deep within him. He smiled at the touching scene of mother and daughter, laughing and playing. They were so perfect together. He considered his offer of a free day on his catamaran and pictured her in a tiny bikini chasing little Addison— Like a punch to the solar plexus, it hit him.
Fuck me.
The beautiful woman he’d had illicit thoughts about was his sister-in-law. He wanted to hate himself for the images that remained seared into his brain. The picture of her and the baby laughing screamed of family. Then his undersexed libido added…my family. Mine. Every mental picture he’d painted of Jillian was so far removed from the woman in front of him. He’d expected someone with large ugly glasses, her hair forcefully twisted and pinned to her head, her back stalwartly straight. In his mind, he’d been looking for a woman with at least twenty-five extra pounds. His sister had said she was pudgy.
Jimmy had been a big guy, over six feet like himself, but he’d never played sports. He could have played football like Jack, but Jimmy had been lumbering. In fact, he was a little uncoordinated. He was more interested in their grandfather’s Mayan research than sports. He had a hard time envisioning this shapely woman with luscious curves with his brother. Truth be told, he didn’t want to paint that picture because she’d not only been with Jimmy, she’d been his wife. Together, they’d made that beautiful little girl. A daughter Jimmy never got to meet. He’d died when Jillian was five months pregnant.
Straight long hair, more blonde than red, swung side to side just above nicely rounded hips. The short-sleeved T-shirt was the color of the rainforest and matched her playful eyes. He imagined those eyes dark with passion as he pushed into her for the first time. Shit. No. This is my brother’s wife. Oh, God. How could I think of her like that? But he had and continued to as she swished her way back to the closed customs doors.
She planted the baby on her hip in a gesture she’d obviously done a thousand times and reached for the doors just as they opened. A blue-uniformed customs agent easily pushed the overloaded cart filled with suitcases, boxes, and a baby car seat. The smile he gave her was not exactly friendly, but more of male appreciation.

You can read the rest of the first chapter at Liquid Silver Books. As always, if you have a publisher I should highlight, please leave a comment!