Thursday, 25 December 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #16

Merry Christmas! Another taster from Gentleman. Many tasters on the blog.

“Can we both ride at once? I think so.” She knelt, her sex smothering Harrold for a moment. Then she shifted her hips, rubbing her lips on his. Needing no more encouragement, Harrold dug his fingers into Lynn's ass and used his tongue to lap at her.
The women each had her own rhythm but soon fell into synchronization. When they had, he felt a hand on his belly brushing him. Kendra squealed.
“Yes, yes, Mistress. That is good.” Kendra quivered around him and he thought he felt the fluid from her leak onto his thighs. He didn't stop using his tongue on Lynn. She didn't seem nearly as distracted or inflamed as Kendra, who rocked back and forth. Was she well?
“Take ease, Kendra.” As soon as the black girl moved, Lynn shifted to take her place. Once poised on Harrold, she turned so he could see the delight in her sparkling amber eyes.
“Tell me, Harrold,” she asked as she slowly raised her hips. Only the head of him remained sheathed. “Have you ever seen a black pussy?”
The image made him smile. How different would Kendra's dark brown lips between black curls look? Would they be red, like her tongue?
“No, Lynn. Do you think Kendra would oblige?”
The girl's dark eyes went wide and Lynn laughed as she moved quickly but shallowly, leaving the majority of Harrold's length exposed.
“Come, girl. No sense in modesty now. Show him.” When Kendra continued to hesitate, Lynn clapped her hands. The girl scurried to Harrold's head. Lynn stroked the girl's calf as she slid over more of Harrold. He closed his eyes, expecting to climax, but it didn't come. He opened his eyes to see his hands on Lynn's hips, though he couldn't say when he'd grabbed them. She held still, waiting as he did for the urge to pass. Then she chided Kendra again.
“Well, kneel, fool girl, or get on your hands and knees. He can't see you up there.”

Practically shaking, she dropped to her knees, turning to face away from him. The first thing noticeable was how her thighs, and some of the hair, gleamed with moisture. As he leaned forward, he could see her lips, brown, but at the same time rosy. The outside, beneath the hair was dark. Inside, she was paler, reminding him of her palms. He could almost smell her. If only she were a little closer.

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