Thursday, 4 December 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #13

Kendra really settles in, pleasing Lynn and pleasuring Harrold. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

Kendra was doing quite well, for all that she seemed mystified by him. She was learning through trial. Every time he twitched in her hand, he got a flash of her white teeth against her dark lips. She wouldn't have heard Lynn, wouldn't understand why he twitched when she wasn't stroking.
“Use your mouth, Kendra, just like you would on me,” Lynn suggested. She was more gentle now, the riding crop dangling at her side.
The girl turned to look at Lynn over her shoulder, but the older woman pushed her between Harrold's knees, holding her neck as she forced the girl to look closely at his cock. She seemed to shake, but took him in her hand again and kissed the tip. His head had just started to push through the foreskin thanks to her ministrations. Her hot lips stuck to him a moment, coming away with a bead of fluid stretching between them.
Kendra licked her lips again and smiled, letting out a relieved, “Ha!” Her lips wrapped around him and he tossed his head back at the sudden change. No longer slow and tentative, she took him into her mouth. She'd seemed inexperienced, but no virgin could do this.
As sometimes happened, he thought of Veronica, imagining her doing something sexual. As it usually did, the image made him laugh. He'd come to the conclusion that his wife had no sex drive whatsoever.
When he chuckled, Kendra let him slip from her mouth to laugh with him. That made him even jollier. The more they amused one another, the braver Kendra became. “You're nothing like boss man,” she said as she straddled him, her long legs sliding under the arms of the chair. “I like you.”
“I like you, too,” he said, holding her back and leaning down to kiss one of those fascinating black nipples. Kendra squirmed when he did, her slick skin sliding over him until she caught him in the right place and pushed down with her hips.
Harrold's teeth closed on her nipple, biting her in response to the sudden change around him. She squealed but quieted just as quickly, rocking on him.
“I'm going to ride you until you come,” she told him, shifting her weight to drive more of him into her. He gritted his teeth as her cheek rested against his. “This isn't scary. It's fun.”

“There will be something even more fun after,” Lynn promised. “Not all men are here to hurt you.”

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