Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Savoy

Jesse shivered, waiting outside a few minutes longer. She wasn’t on the street or in the lobby. He’d sent her the key to his room with the number written on it. He wasn’t sure she would take him up on his offer. It was risky, meeting in public.
The hotel was hardly a train station or pub. Someone might notice each of them passing through, but no one would be watching once they were safely behind doors.
Kelly still hadn’t appeared and Jesse’s anxiety got the better of him. He popped into the hotel’s bar and ordered a whiskey. He drained the two ounces in as many gulps, the fire burning his throat flowing lower and pooling in his stomach. Thinking about Kelly, imagining her in his room, the fire burned even lower still. Frustrated he took the elevator to the twelfth floor.
He stopped just outside the doors. His door was the last on the right, but from here he could see someone standing at it.
With long confident strides, he covered the few yards in moments, positioning himself behind her and sliding one hand over her middle. Her painted fingers fumbled the plastic key.

“I knew you’d come.”

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  1. You work so well with building tension and anxiety in your teases. I could feel his angst. Very nice work, Angelica.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Kendel. Your abilities to build tension and angst is amazing and your gifted ability to describe those feelings really translates to the reader. You weave a web of worry and pressure that I absolutely FELT. I am glad HE was sure she would come, because I certainly was not. Excellent work, again, Angelica. xo

  3. Aw you have left me on tenterhooks now. You built the scene up and I really want more. Great teaser Angelica. Happy Christmas x

  4. Oh, a perfect tease. The anticipation, the worry, the eventual relief. Love it :-)

  5. Angelica, you have got to expand it. I wanted to read more into it. I love it.

  6. Excellent tease, Angelic. Would love to know what happens next

  7. I agree with Ray. You need to expand this, Lovely!

  8. Excellent build up ...I love the way you structured the scene. I would love to read more ...


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