Tuesday 9 December 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Six

The door banged open, thudding against the wall beside it. She barely caught sight of the child bursting through and up the stairs.
“Douglas! Take off your shoes and shut the door!”
He didn’t come right away and the timer on the oven buzzed at her, drawing her attention away. She opened the door of the oven to see the cookies were ready, a beautiful golden brown, the chocolate shining as it balanced between liquid and solid. She almost put her fingertip to one before catching herself and using a flipper to move them from the hot pan to a cooling rack.
“Cookies!” Douglas cheered, running back down the stairs and peering over the edge of the counter. “Can I have one?”
“When you’ve taken off your shoes and closed the door.” He ran to obey and Laura got out, “Don’t slam,” before her reminder was punctuated by a very loud thud. Sighing, she transferred one to a plate and poured a glass of milk.
“What were you doing today?”

“Oh! I got something for you,” Douglas said, putting a dirty hand into his pocket. He pulled out a small white flower with six perfect points. Six, just like him.

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