Thursday 18 December 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #15

Lynn gets in on the fun in this taste from Gentleman. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

A hand combed through his dark curls, making his eyes close heavily. “Forgive me,” Kendra whispered a moment before leather snapped across his back.
This was what he had come for. The sexual release was wonderful, but he could have that at any whorehouse. This, the blazing pain, seared away the intangible hurts. The aloof nature of his wife, the barrage from his employer and clients, they whittled away his soul. All were burned in the fire blooming in that welt.
“Again,” Lynn ordered when Kendra hesitated. The maid's arm was strong, built from labor, and the second welt burned as hot as the first. In this fire he became light, floating. The weight of carrying every whim of his wife, every request of his mother, every new client, all burned to ash. Still, he felt an ache in his heart and mind, a need for something his life denied him.
Four more lashes and each brought him closer to freedom, closer to relief. With one last crack, he screamed out, the fire having nothing left to consume. The leather fell to floor just as he did, his forehead resting on cool wooden planks. He could see the instrument of his torture, smell it, and it only aroused him more.
Kendra descended, wrapping her arms around his head. “I'm sorry. Forgive me, sir. I'm so-” she was cut off in a gasp at the same time a smack sounded.
“You are to address him as an equal,” Lynn reminded her. “Though, if you seek forgiveness, you might help ease this.” She used her toes to push Harrold onto his side and reveal his erection.
“Oh, yes.” Kendra didn't question, taking him in her hand and stroking vigorously.
Harrold rolled onto his back, gritting his teeth and grinning at the renewed pain. “Ride me again,” he told her, pulling on her hips.
Kendra looked to Lynn, who nodded. Once the girl had hold of him again, Lynn moved to stand over Harrold's face. He looked straight up into the hair covering her and licked his lips.
“Can we both ride at once? I think so.” She knelt, her sex smothering Harrold for a moment. Then she shifted her hips, rubbing her lips on his. Needing no more encouragement, Harrold dug his fingers into Lynn's ass and used his tongue to lap at her. 

Remember to check out all the tasters on the blog.