Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Rex

James rolled onto his back, arm thrown across his eyes to block out the light. His head pounded and it felt like a hot needle was being driven into his right eye, despite covering it complete. His stomach turned and twisted, threatening to send him a more visceral reminder of last night.
He sat up, suddenly aware he had no idea where he was. Did a girl take him home? The light stabbed his eye again and he covered it with a hand, using the other to pull back the sheets.
A small yip stopped him. Looking down he spied the puppy climbing his way clumsily up the bed. He wiped out twice before perching atop James’ pelvis. Lifting one leg, he scratched his ear.
James chuckled and brought both his hand down, giving the dog the scratching he so obviously craved. As he sat up, he felt something a little off. He must have pulled something last night, partied too hard.
He continued to play with the dog, digging to try to remember something beyond where the party had been.
“You found Rex.”  The man in the doorway was naked, his gaze betraying his thoughts.

Not a girl then.

Teasing! Was that mean? I hope not. Plenty more teasers on the blog.


  1. That's certainly a tease! Didn't see that coming :-)

  2. That was a game change at the end. Nice.

  3. That was great, unexpected and enjoyable! Very nice work, Angelica!

  4. Oh, Angelica, how you do entertain. I thought maybe he fell doing the limbo! But he had significantly more fun than that! I loved your use and description of the puppy to throw the reader off a mark, lowering their anticipation. Very clever and pivotal in the construction. I just loved it and you had me with the photo! xo

  5. Oh the wonders alcohol does to drop inhibitions. Too bad he couldn't do that withut the alcohol. It was an excellent twist, but being gay and he not knowing who he went home with made me think a guy picked him up. Maybe it was my wish or your clever words leading me to this conclusion.

  6. You certainly teased. I never saw that ending coming. Love it

  7. excellent tease with a totally unexpected yet brilliant twist


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