Friday 29 January 2016

Flasher Fiction Friday - Auction - #flash #flashfiction #erotica

Friday means another flash. This picture took me somewhere a bit dark, so I hope the end makes up for that. Check out all the other takes on this picture by visiting our blog.

Saliva dripped over Sarah’s chin and the sudden light blinded her. She considered screaming but knew it wouldn’t help. Instead, she tugged on the ropes securing her arms and legs to the cold metal frame at her back.
“Gentlemen, lot number 42, nineteen year old female of mixed race, virgin, free of disease. Train her as you choose. I’ll start the bidding at one thousand dollars.”
The masked men surged forward, calling out numbers and fondling her.
“Sold for twenty thousand.”
The spotlight went out and her new owner whispered in her ear.
“It’s okay, Sarah. Just a little longer.”