Thursday 14 January 2016

Thursday Tasters - Pandora 48

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Gritting her teeth, Pandora put her foot in the stirrup and had the wind knocked from her when she fell flat on her back.
“Help,” she grunted, barely able to speak. “What did I do wrong?” she asked, managing to sit up.
Russel looked at her and sighed impatiently when he dismounted to help her up. “You didn't have a good hold on the pommel. She shifted and you fell. Come on, it's not that difficult.”
Pandora's irritation got the better of her. “Not difficult? Let's see how you difficult you find this. Shouldn't be any harder than loosing a snare.” With a gesture, Thunder's reins lashed around his wrists in an intricate knot. “Not difficult,” she muttered.
“Undo this!” Russel shouted. “Now! It won't go well for you if you don't!”
Pandora ignored him and grabbed the horn at the front of the saddle. Then she spoke to Daisy. “Please, hold still this time.” Daisy bobbed her head and Pandora had no difficulty climbing up this time.
Pandora screeched as leather cracked against the outside of her thigh. Russel held the reins, with which he must have struck her. “I told you it wasn't difficult,” she reminded him.
“And I told you to release me. You will learn to obey, wife.”
Pandora narrowed her eyes. Then she dropped her shoulders and put on a pleasant demeanor. “Of course, husband. Would you please lead the way?” As soon as his back was to her, she used magic to pick up a glob of mud and stick it to his shirt. Much better.