Friday 8 January 2016

Flasher Fiction Friday #flash #flashfiction POSE!

“I’m so sorry.” Teresa covered her nose and mouth, feeling heat building in her cheeks.
The man shook his foot and chuckled. “No worries, mistress.”
“That’s enough chat!” A whip cracked and the men put their heads down. Teresa tensed, anticipating a tongue lashing, or given the whip, a literal lashing. “Teresa, pose!”
Reflexively, Teresa put a hand on her hip and puckered up. Her instructions were to look like she was staring down a fourth man to add to her group leash. She had no idea what that would be, but she air kissed Jason behind the camera.

That's 100 words. The picture is worth more than ten times that, but hopefully you enjoyed my imagining of the real Master behind the camera! Check out other fantastic takes on this photo by hopping over to our blog and linking to all of them.