Sunday 24 January 2016

#MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS125 #Shifters #Paranormal Alpha Shifters After Dark - Woman's Best Friend

Today's sexy Saturday is all about Shifters. So I'm offering 7 paragraphs from my contribution to Alpha Shifters After Dark.

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Woman's Best Friend - Loren can't explain what it is about Judy that brings out the animal in him. When that is literal, things are bound to get hairy. Can this mature woman be his Beastmaster?

Loren woke from the increasingly familiar dream of being Judy’s dog. Not a Puppy, not sex play, an actual canine. It had been such a peaceful dream. When he was asleep, he didn’t fight to remind himself he was a man. Utterly relaxed, he could be the dog that seemed locked inside him.
The sun was low in the window, casting a red-pink glow on the carpet. Loren pushed himself up off his belly and gave himself a shake.
His fur slipped around him, shaking from side to side, and he lifted his tail. For the first time, being a dog didn’t bother him and he jumped off the bed, padding out through the open bedroom door.
Once downstairs, his shape alarmed him. He couldn’t open the fridge or get a glass of water. Worse, he would need to use the can and had no idea how to do that in this form. It was easy to imagine relieving himself on a bush, a light post, a hydrant, but not anything in Judy’s house.
“Loren?” As though thinking of her had woken her, Judy called down the stairs. “Did you go home?” She came down the stairs and stopped halfway. “What, what are you doing here? How did you get inside?” she asked, approaching Loren slowly.
Her actions were all slow and reassuring, keeping Loren rooted to the spot. He let out a little howl, wishing she would come closer and pet him.
“Good boy,” she murmured, setting her hand out where Loren could sniff and lick it. He did so, stepping closer again and pawing one of her knees.

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