Tuesday 12 January 2016

#tantalizingtuesday First Kiss #Japanese #lesbian #romance

Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday, the day where I take a photo, 200 words, and tempt you to ask for more. This excerpt come from a WIP that doesn't have an expected release date. It's Japanese themed (if the names didn't give that away) and is one of three such themed shorts (<10 000 words) that I've written recently. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to hop over to our blog to read all the other great teasers this week.

After opening her apartment door and setting her shoes down, Yuki turned to Eiko and hugged her. The red head hugged her back chuckling. “Yuki-chan, what is this for?”
Yuki took a deep breath before backing up enough to look in the other woman’s golden-brown eyes. “I just needed it. I-I need more,” she stuttered, combing her fingers into Eiko’s red hair and holding the back of her head. Yuki closed her eyes and prayed fervently that she hadn’t misread the other woman’s affection. Then their lips met and Yuki couldn’t care if this was the only kiss she had, she would cherish it always. Eiko’s earthy smell had become familiar over her visits, but this close it caught Yuki and drew her in. The kiss broke and Yuki licked her lips, tasting how warm Eiko was, like black tea. 
Yuki, eyes closed, wasn’t prepared when Eiko took her by the hip, turning slightly, and pulling Yuki’s body flush against hers, Eiko’s back against the wall. Bracing, Eiko held them both up as she slid one hand up under Yuki’s shirt and the other into her long black hair, pulling her in for another kiss, hotter and greedier than the last.