Tuesday 12 January 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday - Waiting

She’d been waiting for this. For weeks this mysterious stranger had filled her thoughts and dreams. Sitting in the corner of her coffee shop, browsing books at the library, holding the rail on the subway, although she’d never noticed that sexy body in her life before, she couldn’t miss it now.
“Come with me.”
She hadn’t thought, just followed. Normally she was a bit of a prude, definitely erring on the side of caution. Caution be damned, she was going to surrender to this stranger who suddenly appeared in her life.
Things hadn’t gone slowly, and they both tore at one another’s clothes.
“Lay back.”
She complied as her panties slipped down her legs, the lace leaving lines of fire where it dragged over her skin. Her whole body seemed on edge, which only made every kiss, caress and pinch that much more enticing.
The racing that had filled her first moments with the unknown had slowed right down. She was ready for a quick hard come, but that wasn’t what she got. Instead, gentle touches, hot breath and wet lips and tongue built her up to bursting.
She’d been waiting for this, and arching her back, she cried out.

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