Tuesday 26 January 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Orgasmic #lesbian #japanese

I'm hoping to tantalize you with another 200 words from my Japanese story. Read all the other teasers by visiting our Blog.

Yuki swallowed the lump of anticipation, but before she managed to speak, Eiko put her lips to Yuki’s ear, her breath tickling as she murmured, “Please, let me please you.”
Yuki’s knees wobbled and Eiko hugged her to keep her steady. The redhead took the vibrator and brushed it up the inside of Yuki’s thigh.
“Please?” Eiko asked again.
“Please,” Yuki answered, falling back and pulling up her skirt.
Eiko set the vibrator down touching Yuki’s thigh. Eiko didn’t hesitate, using her fingers open Yuki’s lower lips and spread her moisture, while the other hand pulled Yuki’s panties off.
“You are so hot,” Eiko murmured, her lips at Yuki’s ear again. “All ready for this.” EIko’s fingers left Yuki’s skin to pick up the vibrator again. The broad blunt end slid in easily and Yuki was sure her teeth were chattering along to the buzzing. She cried out when the other tine pushed up onto her swollen nub.
Eiko rocked the toy, resulting in Yuki rocking her hips. At first it was a wonderful rush, but after a few minutes, Yuki’s legs clamped onto Eiko’s wrist and she bucked wildly, her eyes squeezed tight and stars flickering behind the lids.