Wednesday 27 January 2016

#MidWeekTease Rebel Howl from @mchoris #AlphaShiftersAfterDark #paranormal #shifter

Michelle Corchis is the latest author from Alpha Shifters After Dark to share an excerpt from her story in this box set!
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Michelle brings us Rebel Howl. Here's a steamy teaser!

“Where’s my fucking bottle of J.D.?”
“I have it here, Lincoln. I’m Wanda-Wanda Fuck.,” this gorgeous chick said while eye-fucking me.
“Really, that’s a great name, babe,” and I grabbed the bottle, pulling her against me. “Have you ever had the pleasure of riding a wild wolf, pretty girl?” She giggled like a fucking schoolgirl, making my cock rise to attention.
“Linc, we’ll meet you at the after party. We all need to get together and discuss some shit,” our manager, Wyatt, yelled at me.
“Right, catch ya in an hour or so. Have the guys ready,” while I picked up the girl hanging on me and brought her into a private room. Closing the door behind us, I put her down and opened the bottle. Putting the rim up to my lips, I gulped the amber liquid, breathing a sigh of relief. I looked down to the blond halo at my crotch and watched in fascination as my cock disappeared in her mouth. I took another hit from the bottle, pulled her hair until my cock slipped out, and tossed her on the leather couch behind us. Without any stimulation, I jumped on her and thrust roughly into her wetness (and she was sans panties). What she didn’t know was I could fuck for hours. She was going to be one sore bitch when I finished with her.
That is just how my body worked; being an Alpha and all….my lineage is strong. I was born to rule and reproduce, just not with a groupie. I always cover-up my shit, don’t want any pups from some used up whore.
After about an hour I was ready to come, I deserved it too. The bitch already came about four times. I tossed her all over the room and fucked her on every available surface. I had her face down on the couch and fucked her ass like a rodeo cowboy.
She tried to get away from me, tsk, tsk on her! I warned little Miss Wanda Fuck….but she wanted it, so it was my turn to come….whatever way I wanted and I love fucking ass. My grip tightened around her hips and I hammered into her sweet, supple ass. I pumped into her with short, fast strokes and came. Fuck me; my release filled the fucking condom, with a loud groan echoing through my chest. I fell over her and pulled out, yanking off the rubber and tying
off the end. I swatted her ass hard and she gasped. “Jesus, Lincoln, you’re a fucking animal,” she said to me, disdain etched on her face. “I have never felt so, so….violated.” Aw, shit she had tears filling her eyes and I chuckled while tucking my cock back in my pants.
“Honey, not sure what you’re bitching about. You got off more than once….last I counted it was something like, five times. That’s pretty good for being violated, Princess.” I grabbed my bottle of Jack and chugged it back. “Thanks, you can go now….”
“You fucking jerk. I’m going to tell everyone how horrible you are!”
“Yeah, go right on ahead, baby. Don’t forget to tell them how many times you came for me.” I swung the door open and walked into the corridor.

Growing up, Michelle had a passion for reading,, science fiction, music, anything that was creative in nature. She watched sci-fi shows(Buck Rogers & Battlestar Galactica) & read books & magazines about the big, bad wolf & vampires. Someday....She thought, there would always be a place for me In the Final Frontier. As we know life isn't like the movies or TV(no Luke Skywalker or Captain Kirk). So after some deep retrospective thought, she decided to live in her fantasy world-through the printed word (or e-books) & share it with the world. She's never without a book in hand. When life throws you a curve-ball, you need to do is fly away to another world. That world is in the pages waiting to be read!