Tuesday 19 January 2016

#tantalizingtuesday Exploration #lesbian #japanese

This week, I found a picture that inspired me to continue snipping bits from my Japanese story. I hope you enjoy!

“I want you.” Yuki's explanation fell short, but her hands, reaching up to cup both of Eiko’s breasts add clarity.
Eiko grinned as she pulled her own top off, revealing the full expanse of her bosom. Eiko’s nipples were already hard and pointed, drawing Yuki’s attention as she brushed the tip of one and then rolled her fingers over it. In retaliation, Eiko unfastened Yuki’s bra with both hands.
Yuki groaned at the electric sensation zapping down her spine and into her groin. Instinctively, she lifted her hips and her pelvis connected with Eiko’s, sending another shock of pleasure through her.
“Eiko,” Yuki murmured, gripping her breasts more firmly as she tried to brace herself, regain control as her muscles flexed in answer to the rush of impulses set off by that one moment of connection.
“Yes, Yuki,” Eiko answered, grinding her own hips into Yuki’s.
With a sharp cry, Yuki let her head fall back and tried to slide her hand down, to tease her now aching flesh.
Eiko was quicker, her hands pulling down Yuki’s panties to her knees. Yuki could just see how her pubic hair glistened before Eiko covered it with one hand, fingers teasing.

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