Wednesday, 10 August 2016

#MidWeekTease Pretentious ~ A Wicked Halloween #paranormal #salem #witches

Happy Wednesday! Are you enjoying the summer games? I am, but I'm also looking forward to Halloween. That's when A Wicked Halloween will release, including my contribution, Ethereal Protector. I'm sharing another tease from that today.

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Summer set out of her home and immediately turned, hurrying to avoid notice.
“Mary Parker!” A man stormed down the lane from the large house that sat next to the church.
Summer squared her shoulders and turned to face the man. Running now would make him more suspicious. “Yes?”
“You didn’t come to the town meeting. Surely you want to be part of the cleansing. You must want to wash out the darkness blackening our town’s name.”
Summer shifted the basket of linens on her hip. The pastor wouldn’t have seen it in the doorway. “Actually, Reverend, washing is exactly what I had planned to do. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
He didn’t move out of her way, and instead lifted one of the many bandages. “Are you expecting a catastrophe? Preparing for the worst? Is your faith so easily shaken?”
Summer took a slow breath before answering. “No, Reverend. I plan for the practical. It is that time of year when our boys try to set out on their own and inevitably someone comes back with a broken bone or deep wound. Don’t you agree?” It was more forward than she should be, but she really couldn’t abide the man and his pretensions.
“Yes, well, I expect to see you next time.”
“Of course, Reverend. Assuming I have no more pressing matter.” He inhaled as though about to rant again. “And what more pressing matter could there be? Good day.” She stepped around him at that point.
“Tread lightly, Mary Parker. You may find shifting ground beneath your feet.”
She muttered on her way to the brook. “The only shifting ground here is the pedestal you put yourself on. Horrid man.”