Saturday 6 August 2016

Sexy Unleashed ~ Woman's Best Friend ~ Alpha Shifters After Dark @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS153

I couldn't help but go literal with this Sexy Saturday. Here's seven paragraphs from Woman's Best Friend. To set it up, in the last month or so, Loren has discovered that he shifts into a dog from time to time. It may be due, in part, to the Alpha Female he's met, Judy. She's a dog trainer, and Loren wants nothing more than to follow her commands. This is the first time he's woken up as a dog in her house.

Lapping up the fresh cold liquid, Loren tried to think beyond his canine instincts. He didn’t get far, chasing Judy again and barking happily at her.
“You’re not fixed either. Are you wild? How did you get in here?” she asked again. That was obviously troubling her.
He jumped onto the couch beside her and put his head in her lap.
“You’re too well behaved to be feral,” she noted, running her hand through his sandy fur, along the darker stripe in the middle of his back. “I guess I’ll take you to the shelter with me. Maybe someone is looking for you?”
She started to rise, but he put more of his weight into her lap, trying to pin her there.
Judy chuckled. “Needy are we?” she scratched along Loren’s belly, making his paws twitch. She kept him company for a few more minutes before pushing him away. “I need to get dressed.”
Loren bounded up the stairs ahead of her, turning in circles in the hall. If she got dressed, she might take him for a walk. He’d dreamt of all the smells he would encounter out there, but couldn’t wait to find them for himself.

I'm not 100% sure this title is still available. I know we are hitting the end of the shelf-life on this limited time boxed set. So if you can still buy it, don't wait! Don't worry about missing Woman's Best Friend entirely, though. It will be re-released as a stand alone, probably this winter.