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True love is never easy to survive~Sanctuary by @xandrajames~Coming In Hot Author Spotlight Interview #RPBP #ASMSG #Giveaway

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Xandra James!
Coming In Hot Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Boxed Set: Paramedical meets paranormal: Shifters, Werewolves, Vampires, and More!
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Sidney was perfect compared to me. She's a veterinarian and I'm a killer of demons. Sid saves lives and I take them, violently. It was for the best that I stayed away from her...until I couldn't any longer. Cursed to watch my mate die over and over again, my heart couldn't handle another loss. But if Sid was going to survive it this time and break the curse, she would need a miracle. And if my past experience was anything to go by, miracles were more rare than a unicorn farting a rainbow. Yeah, it was going to be a long ass day in my hellish world.
Xandra James is a British author over 30 *cough*, slightly obsessed with coffee, and definitely addicted to chocolate chip muffins. When not reading romance books, she's writing them. And she can get so far into the new worlds she's creating, that you can often find her still slobbing around her house after lunchtime with bed hair and no idea what day it is! If you want to find out more about what makes her tick, sign up for Xandra's newsletter where you'll hear all about her news, book sales, and new releases. And she'll promise you that she never talk in third person about herself again (maybe).
Hi, it's great to be here today with you talking about my newest release, Sanctuary – available exclusively in the amazing Coming in Hot collection!

Tell us about your title featured in this set: 
Sanctuary has been in my mind for a while. Originally it was going to be a contemporary romantic suspense. But once I started writing it (which took me 5 days-including edits), I knew my main character—Alexei--was a demon assassin. Then it took on a life of its own!

Tell us something about yourself: 
I'm from the UK. I'm married with cats and my long suffering husband is very supportive of my need to write about demons and vampires and things which go bump in the night, lol.

Tell us about your writing process: 
Basically I need to write the first draft of my story as quickly as possible. I have no idea what the story is going to be and I figure it out as I'm writing. Once I have something I can work with, that's when I slow down and will fill in the gaps.

What is your favorite genre to read? 
This is hard! I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I still adore contemporary romantic comedy. There's nothing like a good belly laugh when you're reading.

What would you say is the one thing are you most passionate about? 
Animals – apart from my husband, of course, they're the one thing I'm lost without in my life.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?
I love discovering new films with my hubby. Also travelling around London doing the tourist thing and eating great food!

Where can readers connect with you?

Thank you so much for having me today! It's been a lot of fun. I hope you'll come and find me on social media and say hello ;)
 "Do you want some, too?" The pink punk had climbed to his feet, enraged confusion covering his ugly mug. His steel bar flew through the air toward my head and I spun away again, but before I could kick him down and retrieve my dagger from the puddle of his friend, he was on me.

     And it stunk like a train toilet after curry night.

     Its mouth opened to show two rows of lovely spiky teeth as they moved closer to my throat. Fuck. Yeah, the last thing I wanted to be was dinner to this pissed off little freak.

     I didn't like to do it, but decided to use my advantage over him. Usually my natural physical strength was enough, but when you came across a mean little fucker on steroids—a drug straight out of hell—you needed every bit of leverage you could get. So, I played dirty. If there was one thing I liked about being a demon, it was being able to use my opponent’s strengths and abilities against them. By tuning in to their fucked up psyche, I could play with their toys.

     Pink punk didn't have a lot up top—as soon as I was on his wavelength I felt dumber. Never mind, this would only take a matter of seconds... I turned his physical hold against him and pushed up, using his enhanced toughness. Pinky was astounded that I could fight back so easily. He was one of the meanest breed of fighters in the demon realm, after all. With one last push, I flung him away from me, darted over to my dagger and threw it at his throat.

     A sizzle and a bang, and it was goodbye to stinky.

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