Tuesday 23 August 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #japanese #lesbian #kitsune Mom will know what to do

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Eiko emerged with several changes of clothes, which she handed to Yuki once she’d reverted again to human form. She gave Yuki an extra bag as well. “I don’t have any money for you to pay for a place to stay.”
“I’ll find something,” Yuki said, snatching her belongings and walking away.
“Can I try finding you again?” Eiko called. “In a few days, next week?” The sadness and longing in her voice tore at Yuki’s heart.
“Yes,” she acquiesced, “in a week.”

Yuki skipped classes to take a train home. Her mother greeted her warmly. “You should have called! I would have had a snack ready for you.” The slightly shorter woman almost pushed Yuki through the door. “Are your classes finished already?”
“No,” Yuki admitted in a whisper. “I just…needed to talk to someone.”
Rather than admonish her, kaasan wrapped Yuki in a hug. “I remember needing my mother, too. You think you’re ready to leave home, and everything is going well, but eventually something happens that you just can’t handle alone. You don’t have to, Yu-chan.”
Yuki dropped the bag she was holding and clung to her mother, weeping with the hurt and betrayal she felt. “I-I thought. We were.”