Friday 7 September 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday and Three more blog stops

“Don’t be such a baby.”
“I am not a baby!”
“Just let me see.”
“No. It’s fine. Leave it alone.”
"The reception doesn’t start for another hour. Let me see.”
He lay back on the bed they would share that night before the honeymoon. The searing pain that ran up his leg made him scream. When it died, he heard his blushing bride’s laughter.
The bandage over his new tattoo had gotten stuck to his pant leg and torn free as she pushed it up. Great. Now the surprise was ruined.
“Aw, it’s so cute!” she said between chuckles.

Today I am fortunate enough to be posting on Elicia Seawell's,  D.C. McMillan's and Savannah Chase's blog. To D.C.'s readers I bring a little levity in the form of fictitious sex. Let's face it, the fantasy kicks reality's butt, until your alone in your bed waiting for your partner because reading got you fired up. :) For Savannah's blog I wrote about my vampires. Everyone's vampires come from a slightly different mythos. Head over here to learn a bit about mine.

And after that visit all the blogs doing Flasher Fiction Friday. 100 words based on the pictures above.