Monday, 10 September 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday - Shipbound

Sophie took her ease. The men were on deck, likely getting drunk. A luxury, time to herself. Had she worn any clothes, she would doff them. Instead, she used the boiled water to bathe her skin. The water had cooled over the day, but like everything on the ship, it was warm now, tepid. Evaporating, it did help relieve the heat. 

Toweling pooled at her waist while she stretched each toe, flexing her feet and bending to rub them. Sitting back, she picked up a knife and trimmed her toenails. They could wriggle into a chink in a hull, a knot in a line, or the leg of a man, massaging and working each to her end.

Next she applied the knife to her fingers, removing caulking and tar that had built up. Her eyes moved from her hand to the door that was opening when it shouldn’t be. The captain stood on the other side, expectant. Hadn’t she done enough today? Helping hold the ship through a storm after servicing most of his crew had been a herculean task. 

“Be ye available for one more, lass?”

The threw the knife so it caught the wall beside him.

“One, yes.”

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  1. Oh! I really liked this. I love the atmosphere of the ship, the way you generated the feeling without once having to resort to just instructing me how to feel. Great job!

  2. With all she has been through she is still her own person - love that!

  3. You have me wondering all about her. Is she a prisoner? Slave? If she has a knife, why doesn't she escape? Great tease! You have me hooked on this story.

  4. Great teaser. Excellent imagery, I'd love to find out more about her and what happens after that 'one more'. I feel there is a longer story7 to tell here


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