Saturday 22 September 2012

The Triad - Sharita Lira

I'm happy to host one of the authors of Naughty Nights Press September releases. Sharita Lira is the author of Sugar Daddy. Well, more specifically, Rawiya is. Confused? So was I. It turns out Sharita has three incarnations, like those Hindu gods. Together, they are The Literary Triad (@rawiyamikembl). What makes Sugar Daddy a Rawiya book and not a BLMorticia or Michael Mandrake book?

Rawiya’s books are more sensual than BL’s or Michael’s. Her love scenes are longer, the characters tend to be a lot more emotional.

Which of your muses are men? How do they present differently than women?

Michael is the gay male muse. All of Michael’s stories tend to have characters already comfortable in their sexuality. His stories are mainstream, meaning he can write any subgenre just with gay male.

Interesting. I'm still fumbling with gay characters. Do you release equally in all your personas, or is one voice louder than the others?

Well, at first Michael was in the lead but now BL and Rawiya have caught up. Right now, BL is writing a lot and Michael and Rawiya are at rest. lol

I guess all those ideas take a lot out of a guy. Sugar Daddy is released through Naughty Nights Press. What other publishers have you worked with? Do you have a favourite?

I’ve worked with Rebel Ink, XOXO, eXcite, Sizzler (ERenaissance), STARbooks Press, No Boundaries, and recently sold a story to Secret Cravings. I don’t have a fave. They’re all wonderful companies.

How long from the first idea for Sugar Daddy until its release? What is your timeline for writing a story?

Sugar Daddy comes from a short I did for an anthology released last year. I just wrote the book this year back in Jan. The timeline is usually a couple of months or less even though Michael’s next story took almost a year.

What social media platform have you found most beneficial in marketing yourself and your books? Do you find having three names divides your readership?

I really can’t tell but blogging still works best. I guess FB and Twitter help too but if you don’t blog, no one knows who you are. Readership? I don’t think so. I believe all my readers love the pseudo equally. I could be wrong. lol

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog. Sugar Daddy is listed on Amazon along with the rest of the Something New on the Menu series.

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