Friday 14 September 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday - the Morgue #flasherfriday

Tony shivered. “How do you get her to look”

“All in the make-up. I like the clothes myself. That flapper costume’s been in the back of Drew’s closet for years.”

“Where’d you get the sheets?”

David snorted. “Would you believe it’s extra satin from the coffins next door?”

“No way.”

“Yeah, people want white and they rip out the red.”

“Why the tie?”


“Why do you have tie in there?”

“Shit! I’ve been looking for that.” David snatched it up, tying it in place.

“How long have you had her lying like that?”

“Ten hours? Let’s go.”

Read all the Flasher Friday pieces by popping to the blog and following the links. This Friday I'm a judge on the #FridayPictureShow on Jen DeSantis' blog. Come, write a flash piece, enter to win Blue Moon House! :) I'm a judge, but everyone wins.