Friday, 21 September 2012

Flasher Fiction Friday

“Hi, Steve.”

What? She’s talking to me?

“Uh, hi, Jill. Have a good weekend?”

Small talk is good.

“Yeah, went to a friend’s for a barbeque. You?”

“The usual, football with friends.”

You really think she’s interested in your stupid game of catch with Ken and Doug? Don’t stare at the cup. Don’t stare at her lips on the cup. Don’t stare. Fuck those lips. What was she saying?

“Did you want a taste? It’s the new blend Marie brought in. A little slice of heaven”

Share her cup? My lips... her lips... “Looks too hot for heaven.” Fuck me.

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  1. Be very careful with your body language Ken. You could get a slap lol Great flash

  2. I love his confusion! Great flash. I want to know more about him. :)


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