Thursday, 27 September 2012

Friday Flasher Fiction - The Fight

Friday Flashing! Great 100 word teases to this picture. Read all the others on the blog.
This day had to come. Inevitably they would argue, have differences and living together would be hard. She just hadn’t expected it so soon. One missed bill - one - and she curled on her side of the bed pretending he wasn’t there. Glancing over her shoulder, he faced away, still stubborn.

Just as tears threatened to spill from her eyes, she was rolled onto her back. “You know what? Accidents happen. Right now, I’m going to take my frustration out on you.” Her smile and laugh released the last of the tension just as he started attacking her pyjamas.


  1. When the love and fun of the couple meet their first trouble zone, you pulled out a hard moment here. What a relief when he rolls her over. Making up can be great fun and it looks like your two are on their way. Very nice.

  2. Yes, make-up sex! Can solve almost any problem. Great tease. Very real. :)

  3. Awesome! At first I'm think this doesn't look good for these two, especially over a missed bill. Mmm but how frustration can turn into a heated, spicy wild moment. Loved this flash. I loved the twist you gave in it. :)

  4. Oh that's sweet! l'm glad they sorted things out in the best way possible! If it's great though she might 'forget' again!


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