Wednesday 21 January 2015

#MWTease from Gentleman "Black and White" #lesbian #cuckold #voyeur #interracial

I've planned ahead this time! I prepared another excerpt from Blue Moon House Gentleman, available at Naughty Nights Press, All Romance Ebooks and Amazon. This is the third Blue Moon House book and I will give you an excerpt from one of the others next week. In the meantime, here is a hot scene from Gentleman.

He was careful to open the door quietly, and as he had hoped, the ladies weren't facing his way. He leaned against the door and dropped clothing in a heap. He had admired Kendra's beautiful dark skin, but he wasn't prepared for the sight of her long black legs twined with Veronica's white ones. It looked like cream in coffee, a drink he rarely enjoyed. They swirled around one another, making it nearly impossible to tell where one ended and the other began except for those solid lines of white on black. Kendra's dark fingers splayed over one of Veronica's white breasts. Veronica's white toes against Kendra's round black ass cheek.
He opened his fly and began stroking himself immediately. He'd shared women, even Kendra, with Lynn, so he'd seen women together, but there was something different about this. Kendra's dark lips on Veronica's bright pink ones. It wasn't mistress and slave. They were making love, just as he had always wanted to do with Veronica. Instead, he had overpowered her twice, forcing his seed into her while she screamed at him. Twice had been twice more than he wanted. He wanted what he saw. He wanted the perfect blending of bodies. How could he ever have that? Veronica could never share this with him. Kendra? Could she be equal to both of them in the bedroom? Waiting, he watched until Veronica's flush and cry showed him the secret beauty of the woman he married.

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