Wednesday 14 January 2015

#MWTease from Gentleman "Black Hands" #BDSM #Vampire #regency

I'm still getting used to joining the Mid-Week Tease and I forgot to prepare a post! How terrible of me. Especially as this is a special week for me. Blue Moon House Gentleman releases on January 16th, making this the perfect time to introduce you to Harrold. If you're interested, you don't have to wait until Friday; you can purchase it now at Naughty Nights Press, All Romance Ebooks and Amazon, or you can enter my draw for a free copy
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Harrold, she makes me right giddy most days.” Her smile, something he had little enjoyed in the past, seemed to beam. “Like the beautiful girl I married,” he said, chucking a finger under her chin and kissing her lips lightly. “You have no idea how happy I am to see you so.”
She blushed a little and tried to pick up her fork again. Harrold stopped her, holding her hand.
“I do want to watch you tonight. I can sit somewhere you are less likely to see me, on the side rather than the foot. Would that work?” Veronica began to tremble again. “I suppose that might work. Harrold, I'm scared of what you'll think when you see that state.” He felt himself twitch in his pants. “Veronica, I have waited years to see you in that state. I have longed to see it. Believe me when I say you will be even more beautiful in my eyes.”
She blushed again. “How can you love me so when I have returned so little care to you?”
“Because when we were young, I saw the warm heart you cased in ice. I've known it was there all along, waiting for the right hand to melt it again.”
“Who knew it would be a black one!” she said with a laugh.

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