Tuesday 6 January 2015

#MWTease from Gentleman "Pay in Blood" #BDSM #Vampire

I'm trying something new. I have several author friends participating in the Mid-Week Tease and I thought I would join them. I'm offering a snippet from Blue Moon House Gentleman which is set to release on January 16th, but you can purchase it now at Naughty Nights Press, All Romance Ebooks and Amazon. This is an open group, so feel free to hit Sandra Bunino's blog and sign up.

This excerpt is Harrold's return to Peach house after being terrified by the nature of the vampires in Blue Moon House.

“Mister Long,” Delores said in surprise. “I didn't expect to see you again.”
“Really? My wife certainly hasn't changed. She screams to heaven the moment I touch her.” It shamed him to speak of it, but among the whores he wanted to be less, lower.
Delores' blue eyes narrowed. “Follow me.” She led him past all the girls, many trying to get his attention, to her room. Once inside, she closed and bolted the door. “Did you sign the contract?”
Harrold sighed and took a seat at the Madam's makeup table. “I think I'm not allowed to tell you that.”
“Why are you back for my whores? Lynn—” She cut off, obviously agitated.
“You signed the contract,” he verified.
“Of course I did!” she snapped. “Why do you think I was so guarded talking to you?”
“Then...did she bite you?” He leaned forward, feeling foolish for asking.
“Of course she did. Many times.” Delores paused only a beat. “Is that what you are worried about? I have kept close tabs on Blue Moon House and its clients. They have people from every walk of life, every class.”
“I know,” Harrold interrupted.
“Well, even the lowest servant, a beggar, walks out of there every day, every night. No one dies in Blue Moon House.”
Harrold steepled his fingers, arms on elbows. “Did you meet a large black man?”
“William? Yes, once. He didn't speak to me, but the look he gave made me feel...less than human.”
“That's him,” he said in a whisper.
“But you aren't going to see William.”
“Then why are you here instead of there?”
“Because.” He stood up, searching for a reason. “Because I didn't expect to pay in blood.”
Delores laughed.
Harrold became angry, grabbing her. How dare the whore laugh at him?
“Take off your shirt and tell me that.” Her voice was cold.
He released her and stepped back. She seemed larger as she took a pace toward him.
“You take off your shirt, Harry Long, and tell me you don't already pay in blood.”
She was right. The whores tried not to break his skin, but he pushed them to it regularly. It was the reason he was glad Veronica insisted he wear a nightshirt.
“Really, Mister Long,” Delores continued more softly, touching his shoulder. He plopped down in the chair again. “You need her. My girls, they'll do what you ask, and I'll take your money, but we can't give you what you need.”
“She can?” He was shocked when his voice broke.

That's just my tease. Hop along to find more great reads waiting for you.