Tuesday 6 January 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Invitation

Only two hundred words? I wish I had more. Well, here we go!

Did he notice? No, no he’s looking at that waitress. I mean, sure it’s not low cut, but that top does nothing but emphasize her size C cups. Does he like B’s? Oh, my God, he’s looking at me.
“Something wrong?”
“Uh, no. Why?”
There is that melt-me smile. When did it stop being a friendly smirk and become so… sexy? I mean, he’s still the boy next door who made me eat mud pies and helped me catch frogs. Except, he’s not. I mean, really not. He’s a man for one thing. How long has he been shaving? That stubbly jaw should not turn me on this much.
“I guess you’re just quieter than usual. Something happen with Sara?”
My bestie and the one who told me that this invitation could be something else. Something more. I’m really thinking she was out to lunch now. On the other hand, he’s staring at me. There’s that line on his forehead again. Need to lighten up.
“No.” I bite my lip. “When was the last time we came here?” I ask.
He smiles again and stomach flips. “When you asked me what kissing was like.”
Oh, right, shit.

“Wanna try again?”

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