Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Soon

Up and down, up and down. The impact is low and I barely move, just enough to match my breath, enough to make me sleepy. It stops and I perk up. It’s louder than I expected, louder than I like. My blood seems hotter, faster. Something is happening, and it should be familiar, but it’s just a little different. Usually that pulsing is distant, but now it pushes right into my temple and I don’t like it one bit. Closing my hand into a fist, I lash out once and then drop it back to my side. That’s just enough to trigger the response I need.
The pressure eases and I think maybe I can sleep again. The voices are quiet now, soft and happy. This is the best time. I never sleep at this time. The voices mingle with music and I shift and slide with the rhythm, a rhythm I can feel all around me, through me. For a moment, my whole world is music and feet can’t help but move along.
“Here, come here.”
“Feel this.”
The music is still there, but it has been dampened. I wait a moment and then kick again.
“Soon, baby.”

If that was confusing, I was going for in utero thoughts and sensations. I know, way out there, but hey, that's the fun of this writing thing, IMO. Check out the other teasers. I can't promise they won't be as strange, but I can promise you'll enjoy reading them.


  1. Angelica, I didn't find this confusing at all. Actually, I found it touching and the fact that this is something that I will never experience, I feel that I get it.

    Nice work.

  2. Very nice! It's fun to read something unique. I was only confused at the start - but I think the best bits of writing are ones that make us think.

  3. I was totally swamped at the first. But then I finally got it, I had to go back o er it and read it again. You are so unique. I just love your mind and the limitless stretches you put us through. This was wonderful. xo

  4. Oh this was very clever! Loved it :-)


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