Thursday 1 January 2015

Thursday Tasters - Gentleman #17

Happy New Year! Let's ring it in with something new for Harrold and Kendra. All the other tasters are waiting for you on the blog.

Practically shaking, Kendra dropped to her knees, turning to face away from him. The first thing noticeable was how her thighs, and some of the hair, gleamed with moisture. As he leaned forward, he could see her lips, brown, but at the same time rosy. The outside, beneath the hair was dark. Inside, she was paler, reminding him of her palms. He could almost smell her. If only she were a little closer.
Lynn began riding him in the strangest mixture of quick and slow strokes. His hand stretched to touch Kendra, but he had to pause to adjust to Lynn's movements. Her lack of rhythm made it nearly impossible to steady his hand.
“Slow,” she said quietly, drawing one fingertip up his belly and stirring the dark hairs there.
Breathing unsteadily, he tried to obey, his finger drawing a jerky line on Kendra. It seemed to be slow enough, however, as the girl didn't move. Rather than play where he couldn't see, he circled her still open hole, barely entering her. Carefully, he dipped in until Kendra moaned and leaned back toward him.
“That's it, dove,” Lynn encouraged. The girl hesitated, but Lynn didn't, sinking down as deeply as possible. She squeezed him, making him pop inside her. Kendra started to move away when she realized Harrold was in his moment. However, as soon as the last pump of his seed was released into Lynn, she took hold of Kendra and pushed her down on Harrold's face.
The sudden thrust resulted in his tongue missing the sweet pot he'd been fingering and instead finding a fouler one. Kendra seemed to keep herself clean enough, or else Lynn had bathed her. In either case, he didn't hesitate long in licking the puckered skin.

Kendra's legs shifted, and Harrold imagined this was as unexpected for her as for him. The more he circled with his tongue, the more he thought of pushing in. He felt Lynn's fingers against his cheek, where they could further tease the girl. He finally tried his idea and was rewarded with a loud squeaking from Kendra.

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