Wednesday 7 January 2015

New Release! Blood, Sweat and Black Leather by Pablo Michaels #LGBT #gay #erotica

Gabriel, young and beautiful, returns to save Damien - at a price

Hallowe’en sweeps into San Francisco on the winds of a typhoon, and brings with it the dark and beautiful Gabriel, walking impossibly along the top of a fence. He is strong and youthful, looking no older than the young Gabriel Damien had pursued years before. And he brings a promise for Damien – youth, beauty and love eternal…
Damien is aging. He lives in a gay community suffering the ravages of AIDS. As he goes to his Hallowe’en meeting with Gabriel in the cemetery, he knows he cannot resist the chance of a new life. But what sort of life? And what will be the cost? This dark and twisted tale blends the paranormal world with a powerful romantic and erotic theme to produce an unsettling story that will stay with the reader long after he has finished reading.

The latest release from Pablo Michaels is sure to interest any reader of gay erotic fiction. His characters and settings will sweep you up. You can find samples of Pablo's writing on his blog and at Daily Picspiration, a picture prompt writing challenge.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and reading Pablo for over a year now. Isn't it time for you to meet him too?