Sunday 4 January 2015

Sunday Surprise - @SirenBookStrand @LindsayRomantic @NatalieAcres @AuthorTBrooks @BerengariaBrown

Happy Sunday! Siren-BookStrand Inc. is constantly releasing new titles, so out of the dozen or so released at the end of the year, I chose five that are either the first in their series or stand alone. Don't let that put you off jumping into one of the longer running series. (Of Dragons and Wolves has sixteen books now!)

Medieval Captives is a new series from Lindsay Townsend. It kicks off with Sebastian the Alchemist. Sebastian is a proud, bitter man with a dark past. An alchemist and a warrior, he has had lovers but also betrayal. When Melissa, the beautiful, neglected daughter of two old enemies, falls into his possessive hands he is determined to hold her. Expecting torture and ravishment, Melissa finds instead a peace and sanctuary that she has never known. Treated with kindness for the first time in her life, Melissa begins to blossom. However, someone at the tower seeks to destroy the growing love between Sebastian and Melissa.

Beautiful Trouble by Natalie Acres is part of BookStrand's LoveXtreme line. It is also the first in a series about Trouble, Tennessee. Nicholas Speed, Harley McCall, Doc Andrews, Trevor Lamb, and Mac McCall venture off to a neighboring town in search of a good time. Sable Samms is a scorned woman ready to do whatever it takes to permanently sever former matrimonial ties. Sable can’t escape her former spouse’s claims and almost feels his abusive hands tightening their squeeze. After one night of passion, the men search for the woman who left them with unshakable memories.

Taylor Brooks has added her latest work to the Man Love Collection. In Fringe Benefits, Alan Hamilton is known worldwide for his trend setting fashions. Kenneth Adams is one of the most sought after personal assistants in Manhattan. After a business trip to the Caribbean goes awry, Alan begins to develop feelings for the man he hired, threatening to put his business plans in jeopardy. With the tropical setting and the heat rising, both men begin to realize that their arrangement comes with more than just the occasional fringe benefits.

Triple Treat is one of the Amour Menage line. Berengaria Brown delivers MMF in this steamy novella. Xonra is Vice President of Advertising for HR Resources Ltd., and she’s seen a lot of delicious-looking men, but none as delicious as Glenn and Morgan. The date takes them to Berisford Village and everything there is definitely not what it seems.

One-Night Stand by Esther Church is a scorching read. Londi Turner just wants to move on with her life and career after a messy breakup with her boyfriend. She hadn’t counted on Rusty Fletcher, an old college flame, to reappear in her life and screw up her well laid plans. Rusty is still as desirable as he was in college, and Londi reconnects with him in ways she never expected. She wants to stay focused on her business and career but Rusty won’t go away and she can’t get him out of her mind.
Here is an excerpt from Esther Church's first title with BookStrand, One-Night Stand.

They wasted no time with conversation as they entered the condo. The Corvette had already set the mood for the afternoon. Londi dropped her purse on the floor and strode purposefully to the bedroom. She only turned around when she reached the door, giving him a look that was half question and half demand. She started unbuttoning her blouse as she walked in.
By the time he entered, Londi was down to bra and panties. She walked over to him and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it open and off his shoulders. She ran her fingers over his bare chest, thrilling at the touch of his hair against her palms. She kissed and nibbled his nipples, causing him to gasp and crush against her. His cock felt like a steel pipe through his slacks.
There was no need for words between them. They both knew what they wanted, what they were here for.
Londi knelt down, undoing his belt and fly. His cock sprung free, waving back and forth in front of her face when she slid his slacks and shorts to his ankles. She took it in both hands and slowly stroked its length, reveling in the heat that emanated from it. He started to moan and grind his pelvis back and forth, and she watched in fascination as it turned dark red, the tip moistening.
“Oh God, Londi, that’s so nice.”
Londi reached back and unhooked her bra, flinging it to the side. She pulled his pelvis to her chest and crushed against his organ as she squeezed her breasts around him. She rubbed his length slowly. He held her still and began thrusting up and down between her breasts, his moaning becoming more pronounced and his pre-cum dripping down the head of his cock.
She knew what she wanted to do and leaned back to study his length. She just hoped she wouldn’t gag when he filled her mouth. Would he have an orgasm if she sucked him? Did she care?
“Do it…please,” he begged. His cock throbbed with every heartbeat.
She touched his scrotum with her tongue and licked her way to the head, circling the tip very slowly. His hands slid along her ears and he wound his fingers into her hair, anticipating the next move.
Next time, I’ll wear pig tails. She took him into her mouth, breathing through her nose and sliding her lips down his shaft till she could feel his head on the back of her throat. She worked her way up and down his shaft and wasn’t surprised when he started thrusting into her.
Londi’s heart was beating like a jackhammer as she thought how lewd this was. She started moaning with him in her mouth, causing Rusty to grunt and groan with each thrust.
“Oh God, I don’t want to come yet!” he cried, and pulled away from her. His organ glistened with her saliva.
“Get over here,” he growled as he walked to the bed. He pulled his shirt off and stepped out of his slacks. He had palmed a condom earlier and was busy rolling it down his length.
She demurely walked to him, anticipating the fucking she was about to get. He grabbed her shoulders and threw her on the bed, face down.
Oh my! She slid her panties down to her thighs. He climbed on the bed and finished the job, yanking them down and off her ankles roughly. He hadn’t even touched her yet and she was already moaning, on the verge of an orgasm.
He spread her legs far apart, kneeling between them, and began massaging her bare orbs, rubbing, stretching and pulling them apart. Londi grasped the sheets in a death grip and she couldn’t hold her pelvis still. Rusty pulled her to a kneeling position with her face on the mattress. He pushed her knees further apart with his legs and began to lick her sex. He started at Londi’s clitoris and worked his way back till his tongue brushed against her anus. “Oh God!” she cried out, and thrust back against his face and tongue. “I can’t stand it anymore. Take me now!”
Her whole body was quivering and her sex was glistening with moisture. She could feel the rock-hard muscles of his hands holding her pelvis in a vise-like grip. She could feel him move closer to her, and his organ was pressed into the cleft of her ass.
She turned, looking back at him. “Fuck me!” she moaned.
He slid into her, thrusting hard. He pulled back and thrust again, then again, and again. He growled low, thrusting faster. The wet, slapping noise of their two bodies making contact finally drove Londi to the edge of control.