Thursday 8 January 2015

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #18

Kendra gets a rest and Lynn and Harrold discuss Blue Moon House. More tasters on the blog.

Kendra squirmed on his face as he and Lynn played with the girl until she begged them to let her rest. Harrold respectfully ceased immediately. Lynn, however, continued to play with her, working two fingers and her thumb. Harrold slid out from beneath Kendra, who seemed about to fall over, eyes fluttering.
Watching her sway, and being ever a gentleman, Harrold sat behind the slave, letting her torso rest on him. Lynn smiled at this, using another finger to open Kendra.
“Please. Too...too much.” She leaned heavily on Harrold and then arched, thrusting her hips out. Lynn pushed in as far as she was able, holding the girl until her hips sank again. No sooner had her bottom touched the floor than Lynn fucked with her fingers again, slowly at first.
Harrold felt pity for Kendra. “Hasn't she earned a rest?”
Lynn laughed. “She knows how to make me stop. Don't you, pretty girl?” Her fingers moved faster and a scream tore from Kendra.
Rather than her name, which Harry had expected, Kendra said. “Milk.” She huffed, “Milk fat.”
Lynn removed her hand and patted Kendra's cheek. “Feel better, my dove?”
She was still panting, but nodded.
“Harrold, please lay her on the bed.” As he scooped the girl up, Lynn entered the adjoining closet and returned with a wet cloth. She carefully cleaned between Kendra's legs, then flipping the cloth, set it over her eyes. Lynn gestured to Harrold's clothes and he dressed while she found her robe again. She waited at the door, opening it when he was finished.
She closed it again when they were in the hall. “Poor thing. She's scared spitless by white men. If she'd had any idea who you are, she'd likely have run from here.” Lynn shook her head at Kendra's plight.

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