Tuesday 27 January 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Musk

Check out all the great 200 word snips on the blog. This one didn't wrap as nicely as some of my pieces. It really just kinda hangs there at the end. Maybe I'll write some more another time. Oh! Myself and a few other Naughty Nights authors are calling in to Marsha Casper Cook's A Good Story is a Good Story. Come check us out. 9pm EST.

Holding out his phone, Isaac took a shirtless selfie. Jamie rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him.
“I mean, how could she not want this?” he asked, sending the photo to his latest prospective girlfriend. She would want it. They all did. It killed Jamie to admit it, but she did.
“Who is it this time?” Jamie asked even though she didn’t really want to know.
“Exchange student. No time to waste.”
All the girls in the world and Isaac would never have enough. Jamie stuck a piece of pizza in her mouth and tried not to think about it.
“Hey, what are you doing Thursday?” he asked.
“Uh, nothing. You want to catch the game?”
“Got some comp tickets. Come with me?”
Jamie brightened. “Sure! What seats?”
“Gold, baby. We’ll be like kings.” He leaned over and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, gesturing with his free hand. “See it, the blood, the guts, the sweaty men, right there.” His lips at her ears he pecked her cheek.
Jamie felt her stomach flip and she elbowed him. “Right here,” she complained and held her nose.
“Fuck off. My musk is irresistible.”
Despite her crush, Jamie snorted at that.