Monday 9 March 2015

7 Lovely Things Bloghop

The spectacular Dariel Raye invited me in on this blog hop. All I need to do is tell you 7 lovely things about myself and send you to 15 of my friends. If you know anything about me, my self esteem is crap, so this is not going to be easy. Here goes anyway.
1. I am a proud mother. I have an amazing 8 year old daughter who forgets to put her dishes away, cries when she realizes she forgot her homework, but can spell reciprocity correctly on the first try. Seriously, her spelling lists are ridiculous! She also was reading at 2 to the point that she read her third birthday cards aloud. My daughter is one of the most lovely things that I have ever created.
2. I can write fast. That's not a boast, or even really a compliment to myself, but it is true. When I have a fully fleshed idea in my head and it begs to be written down, I can spin out 30 words a minute (for comparison, my typing speed is around 45). It's often very rough and riddled with typos and missing punctuation, but the ideas are all there.
3. I crochet. This I mention because I'm in the middle of a marathon. My sister just had her second child, a girl this time, so I started a baby blanket for her. But my other sister is due in June, a boy for her, so at the same time I picked up a giant ball of blue. Then my friends were over this weekend and I realized/remembered that their daughter turns 1 in the fall. Off to the craft store for more yarn!
4. I have a dry sense of humor. It's also a bit abstract or high brow, so most often I tell a joke or make a comment and let it float to see if people laugh or not. It's not an uncommon trait among Canadians.
5. I have maple syrup coloured, curly hair. I love my hair. It's definitely my best feature in my opinion. And it only looks its best when I do absolutely nothing with it. If I shower at night (and I usually do) and fan my hair on my pillow to dry, I will have to-die-for curls in the morning. If I brush it, they come out. If I use any kind of styling product on it, they come out. To be honest, I really thought I'd be grayer at 37, but I just have a few strands.
6. I am a cheerleader. I actually was in Junior High and we were the homliest, geekiest bunch you ever saw. Not sure why the geek squad decided to be cheerleaders, but there we were, shouting our lungs out. Now I'm not as vocal, but very much online a supporter of my friends, their efforts, their successes, even when I sometimes feel bad about myself in the meantime, I'm always there to give a high five or a boost when needed.
7. I am eclectic. My music tastes range from alt-rock, to golden oldies from the 50s and 60s, to Bach (not Bachman Turner, though I love them too) with a splash of country and the right kind of rap topping it all off. My writing is equally eclectic. As Angelica I've written Vampire BDSM, New Adult, Gay, Menage, and vanilla, and that's just in the erotica camp. I also write YA dystopian, scifi, fantasy, contemporary literary, fanfiction... You get the idea.

Well, now that I've shared 7 lovely things about myself, it's time for me to point you to 15 other people so you can learn more about them. Here goes (and some of these may have already participated and I missed it).

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