Tuesday 17 March 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Spider

Nessa swung past one blade after another, slipping through the lawn as fast as she could.
“Wait, Nessa! I can’t keep up!”
Her sister, Drew, was falling behind. Nessa felt the duty to slow and watch her, but there was also the desire to be free. Besides, the lawn was safe. It wasn’t as though anything bad could happen to Drew if Nessa wasn’t there to protect her.
In a surge of independence, she threw herself faster through the green, as fast as her arms and legs could propel her.
A high pitched whistle stopped her. She clung to a stem, listening. Was that an insect? Was it a friendly one, like an aphid, or something much more sinister, a spider perhaps? That made her curse herself for leaving Drew behind. There shouldn’t be any spiders that close to home, but Drew would keep following.
She turned, about to return, when another whistle sounded, closer than before. She looked over her shoulder, up to the tips of the blades.
There, she found a pleasant face looking down at her. One more whistle preceded his voice. “Pretty fairy.”
She smiled, but it didn’t last long. She could count his eight legs.

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