Tuesday 10 March 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday - Moon

Her lungs burned and her legs ached through her lower back and up her spine. Her hands scrabbled, searching for handholds and bruising when she caught them. Clinging to cold rock, she pulled her head above the clouds.
Thick clouds had covered the surface of Denir for over a century. The clouds were not so thick as to leave the planet completely dark, but Bromine’s eyes were whiter than her mother’s, more light-sensitive, a trait being bred. Now she wished she didn’t.
Hers was the first head to break through the cloud layer in recent memory. She was breaking ten laws and a thousand traditions doing this. She had been taught that the Creator brought the clouds to cover Himself and Denir, hiding from those who would harm them.
She had tried to convince others to come with her. It was a painfully lonely climb with no one to help her. At last, she had achieved her goal, one unattainable for decades.
She stared, dumbfounded, and nearly lost her grip on the peak.
The histories told of the moon, large and pale. They said it was always visible, even in daylight, but nothing else.
Now, there was a second moon.

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